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Founded in 1976, Worth Finance Corporation has been providing friendly, approachable financing to Texas consumers for over 45 years. Our story starts as many company stories do; one man with a dream to make a difference in his community.

Roger Bowles started Worth Finance with a single office on 6th street in Austin, Texas. Having worked in the consumer credit industry for a long time, Roger saw the need for an increased presence of local financing in his community. From his first $50 dollar loan from his own back pocket, Roger grew Worth to help meet the financing needs of not only the Austin community, but other areas all throughout Texas. Roger’s commitment was always to treating people fairly and courteously, and to provide the best and most convenient service he could to his customers.

Although Roger passed away in 2008, Worth continues to carry out his mission, providing Texans with accessible, low-dollar financing whenever life throws them a curveball. Even as we evolve with the times, our core values remain the same; respect, responsibility, and commitment to serving our customers with a smile.



Our world has changed a lot since our company was founded in 1976. Life continues to move faster and faster, with more and more options thrown our way from every direction. But as our day-to-day brings more and more pressures, the need for financial flexibility has grown as well. In response to the constant barrage of changes and challenges we’ve reaffirmed our commitment to providing the kind of convenient, friendly financing that we’ve been providing for decades. We still believe in providing our customers with respectful service, transparent terms, and the promise of a consistent financial resource for the communities we do business in.

But while our values haven’t changed, or commitment to convenience means that our methods continue to evolve to keep pace with customer needs. That’s why we continue to offer instant funding to cut down on wait times and check-cashing fees for our customers, and why we continue to invest time and money into new technologies to make our customers’ experience even better. We know that there are more options for financing than ever before, and we appreciate the opportunity to continue serving our customers and being your trusted financing partner for whatever life may bring.

Founder, Roger Bowles